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Tara Reid: Motorcycle Accident in St Tropez — Because She’s Blind Drunk: REPORT

Posted by Adam

THINGS aren’t looking good for Tara Reid.

According to TMZ, the actress was a “drunken mess” in St. Tropez this past weekend. She was seen sloppily stumbling into a parked motorcycle, sending the bike and herself crashing to the ground.

In footage obtained by the site, Reed is seen sprawled out on the ground next to the bike while her drunken female friend is slumped across the top of the downed vehicle.

Several people try to help Reid off the ground, but she struggles to pick herself up.

Once the two women get on their feet, both drunkenly sway back and forth in what seems like an epic battle to stand still and compose themselves, says TMZ. Eventually, the two women wobble over to a nearby yacht … and board the vessel like they had been there before.

Rehab has previously completed a 60-day stint at the famous Promises Treatment Facility in Malibu back in 2009.


Tara Reid Is in The Hospital With Pancreatitis or Food Poisoning, Possibly Also A Jet Ski Accident

A photo of Tara Reid

That Tara Reid, always such a mystery! She’s currently staying in a hospital in France, but for what? Is something wrong with her pancreas? Did she get a bad case of food poisoning? Did she take tumble off a jet ski? Did she, and this is what I hope is the truth, decide to take some time in a medical facility to fix every single thing that is wrong with her mind, body, and spirit?

We don’t know. We just don’t know.

According to TMZ, Tara has been in the hospital for a few days now, and is expected to stay a few more in order to recover from acute pancreatitis. They were sweet enough to add that acute pancreatitis can cause “vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and fever,” though I’m sure Tara is not a stranger to any of those things. Their story also includes the gossipy tidbit that Tara was seen partying hard in the days leading up to her hospitalization, which is something that I’m sure none of us would have considered otherwise.

But THEN, just a few hours ago, Tara tweeted that she “got a seafood poisening and hurt my back on the jetski.” Here, see for yourself:

Don’t worry everyone I’m all good and heathy I got a seafood poisening and hurt my back on the jetski but I’m all better thanks for caring!

Jetski’s are fun but you have to be safe they can be very dangerous!

I’m all good guys and happy no big deal enjoy your day everyone happy friday!

And this isn’t incredibly relevant, but she tweeted this bit of advice an hour after that, and I think it would be irresponsible not to share it with you:

By the way to all you hayers I lobe my adidas track sits when you are going on the small boat to the big one it protects u from getting wet!

So there you go, hayers, go ahead and get yourself an adidas track sit, because I’m sure you will lobe it too.

But anyway, back to that whole hospital thing: is it weird that I trust TMZ to tell me the truth about Tara’s health more than I trust Tara to tell me the truth about Tara’s health? But why would she lie about pancreatitis? Maybe because alcoholism is one of the possible causes for the illness? Maybe because she thinks seafood poisoning is way cooler than a stupid pancreas? I don’t know, but I’m starting to feel silly for spending this much time trying to figure out the thought process of Tara Reid.

P. Diddy Throws A Massive Yacht Party At Cannes

P.Diddy Boat Party At Cannes

When P. Diddy throws a party, everyone comes. When Diddy throws a party on a boat in Cannes, you’d better believe that they’d come pouring in. He’s like the entertainment ring master and really knows how to make a splash — pun, intended. A clutch of celebrities dropped in for the bash, most of them casually barefoot. High heels and wooden planks don’t go particularly well together. Spotted wearing black were Michelle Rodriguez and Benicio del Toro, the latter of whom kept trying to dodge cameras. Adrien Brody was relaxed in jeans and a jacket, while Kelly Brook made two wardrobe changes — one while arriving, and one while onboard. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Nicky Hilton added starlet glamour, and we’re pretty sure Tara Reid would like to be included in that group. Kim wore a gown that generously showed off her curves, of course. Head on over to the gallery to see the stars in action.

Kelly Brook

Benicio del Toro

P. Diddys

Kim Kardashian

Nicky Hilton

Adrien Brody

Paris Hilton

Kelly Brook_1

Tara Reid

Michelle Rodriguez

[Photos: Splash News Online]