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Javier Bardem’s Hair: Skyfall Success Has Us Combing Through His Other Roles

Do Javier Bardem’s bad hair days translate to Oscar bait? We get a feeling there’s to be a relationship between Bardem’s acclaimed roles and his hairdos … and don’ts. And we’re not the only ones, now that everyone’s singing his praises as Skyfall’s villain Raoul Silva.

The Spanish actor initially gained recognition for his performance in 2000′s Before Night Falls, but it was his turn as the bloodthirsty Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men that solidified his spot on the Hollywood A-list and won him an Academy Award. While his acting chops proved impressive, people seemed more consumed by the bizarre bob he sported in the film — including Bardem himself. During his Oscar acceptance speech he thanked the Coen brothers for putting “one of the most horrible hair cuts in history over my head.” And the guy was not exaggerating.

Bardem since redeemed himself with some smart, cropped ‘dos in Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Eat, Pray, Love. Though he received praises for his Latin lover role of Juan Antonio in Woody Allen’s comedy, Bardem’s Felipe in Eat, Pray, Love was limited to watching Julia Roberts do her signature Julia Roberts guffaw. Was his perfectly coiffed hair in the film to blame?

This month, Bardem has returned to the silver screen with a vengeance, playing a psychopathic killer in the latest of the Bond franchise. His sinister Silva is receiving accolades and even Oscar buzz, a rarity for a Bond film. Coincidentally, Bardem’s hair in the film is blond, combed back and utterly awful. As The Guardian wrote, “The actor looks as if an albino polecat is draped across his head.” This begs the question: Do bad hairstyles mean good performances for Javier?

Above, we’ve (very scientifically) graphed Bardem’s hair from Before Night Falls to his latest 007 role to see if there is any correlation between those luscious locks and his performances. The films’ critical responses are taken from Rotten Tomatoes, and we have quite objectively judged Bardem’s hair throughout his varied career. The results? Let’s just say Bardem’s next flick should definitely be a live action Rapunzel story.

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Warm Bodies Trailer Has Us Even More Obsessed With Zombie Love

In case you didn’t believe us yesterday when we told you that Warm Bodies should be one of your next obsessions, we present to you the trailer of the movie, starring Nicholas Hoult (a.k.a. Jennifer Lawrence’s partner in Cheeto-eating) as the most lovable walking dead you’ve ever met. He may do for zombies what Anne Rice and Stephenie Meyer did for vampires: turn their rotting flesh into the object of our desire. Well, OK, R is not THAT sexy right off the bat, but trust us, he grows on you. We were already looking forward to the movie after reading the book, by Isaac Marion, but now this trailer has us hyped about a few other things. Namely:

  • The great juxtaposition of R’s internal dialogue and his moaning outer one.
  • Rob Corddry as R’s womanizing undead buddy M.
  • The fact that M’s humorous scenes are helping erase the trauma of last week’s Walking Dead.
  • John Freaking Malkovich as Julie’s dad.
  • Dave Franco as Julie’s dead dead ex-boyfriend Perry. Why isn’t Dave in all of the things yet?
  • Analeigh Tipton — who cracked us up in Crazy, Stupid, Love. — as Julie’s wisecracking friend Nora.

Julie herself, played by Teresa Palmer, is still something of a blank slate in this trailer. But maybe that’s because we’re meant to fall in love with her right along with R?

Lady Gaga Has New Hair!

A photo of Lady Gaga

I was going to do a “Love it or Leave It” post about Lady Gaga‘s new hair, but then I figured, what’s the point? It’s obviously adorable, and it obviously looks loads better than her Louis Vuitton brown bullshit. What’s not to love?

That picture that Sarah showed you earlier today, the one where Lady Gaga’s boobs were all smashed up in a bikini top, that was taken on Tuesday, and she still had brown hair. That photo above is one that Lady Gaga tweeted while celebrating the announcement of Obama’s re-election on Tuesday night. But here’s where it gets fishy: there’s another picture of her topless on a balcony that was taken yesterday, and she still has her gross old hair. Check it out:

A photo of Lady Gaga

Does the adorable pink hair look like a wig? The gross brown could definitely be a wig, right? What would be the point of either of those things? Is Lady Gaga too dumb to realize how much better she looks with this lighter hair? WHERE IS THE TRUTH?!