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Miley Cyrus Crushing on Kristen Stewart

Posted by Adam

MILEY Cyrus has a girl crush on Kristen Stewart.

The singer — who’s engaged to hunky Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth — admits she is a huge fan of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 actress and her style.

The 19-year-old singer tweeted a picture of the 22-year-old on Sunday from the London premier of the new vampire movie taken last week, in which she was wearing a sparkling lace jumpsuit by Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad, and wrote, “K Stew keeps getting better! Ughhh this look is soooo goooood! #girlcrush (sic)”.

Recent reports claimed Miley has a crush on a female porn star.

The actress recently hired 20-year-old adult film actress Jessie Andrews to appear in a music video for her new song Decisions, which she recorded with Jessie’s ex, Israeli DJ Borgore.

“Miley has had a ‘thing’ for Jessie for a long time from watching her porn movies, so she was adamant about finding a way to work with her,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“From the moment Jessie showed up on the set, the sexual chemistry between them was red-hot.

“But Miley didn’t want the flirty friendship with Jessie to end when the video wrapped – she continued to pursue Jessie with calls and texts.

“A lot of guys wouldn’t mind at all if their fiancee had a girl crush, but her fiance Liam Hemsworth knows all too well that Miley can be completely uninhibited.

“He doesn’t want to risk anyone – male or female – wrecking their relationship.”

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Kristen Stewart In, Rupert Sanders Out? The Latest Snow White And The Huntsman Sequel Rumor

Kristen Stewart is reportedly in the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel, and director Rupert Sanders is out.

This falls in the realm of rumors we could just be hearing because the timing is right, not because anyone has any real intel: Radar is reporting that Kristen Stewart has signed on for the sequel of Snow White and the Huntsman. But director Rupert Sanders, her partner in that “indiscretion,” is out of the project, the site says, because he wants to save his marriage. That sounds wise of him.

This is appropriate timing for such an announcement, if one is imminent, because Kristen currently has no projects officially lined up now that Twilight’s all wrapped up and On the Road is hitting theaters next month. You may recall the panic caused by reports to the contrary in August, when The Hollywood Reporter said Universal was going in a non-Snow White direction for the sequel, so she wouldn’t be in it but Rupert would be directing. But the studio immediately quashed that rumor, saying they had yet to decide on anything about the next movie.

As much as we want to see KStew back in armor, kicking ass again — especially after watching her in BD2 — we’re kinda torn on SWATH 2. It brings back as many bad memories as good ones for her fans, so maybe moving on would be a better option.

What do you guys think?

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Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Get Off on Fame

Posted by Adam

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

KRISTEN Stewart insists she doesn’t “get off” on being famous.

The actress –  who has reconciled with boyfriend Robert Pattinson after cheating on him with married director Rupert Sanders — has become a more open person since the Twilight Saga franchise propelled her to international stardom, but won’t give up her personal life for the sake of her public image.

“The spotlight is not something I get off on,” Kristen said. “You can’t let it stunt you.Though, that’s the thing. It’s a huge change that I’ve definitely noticed within myself from the beginning to the end of this — that I’m more comfortable with walls being down.

“Because you can actually have human experiences and not deprive yourself of a normal life. You get too caught up in what other people think of you, then who the f**k are you? You start to become a really disjointed persona and everyone’s perception is their own.

“If you’re considering other people’s opinions about your life, that they really know nothing about, you are going to live a very disjointed, really unsatisfying, awful existence.

“You should probably be a bit more concerned about how you feel about yourself. It sounds completely cliche, but it’s true, so you probably shouldn’t think about it.”