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Here’s a New Trailer Thing for ‘Les Miserables’

I have a feeling, guys, that this movie is going to be EPICALLY PHENOMENAL, and I’m normally one of those people who pokes fun of other people on Facebook for saying that this or that or the other thing is going to be EPIC because EPIC is such an overused buzzword, and hearing it as often as I do makes me want to jam thumbs in both eye sockets ’til I forget the word EPIC ever existed.

But this film? Well. It’s going to be just that, and no, I won’t repeat it a second time.

I think Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Hugh Jackman, and countless others have really hit it out of the park this time, and I’m seriously excited to see this happen.

The movie hits theaters on Christmas Day—are you one of those people who go to the movie theaters on Christmas, and if so, is this the movie you’ll be seeing, do you think?

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Kristen Stewart Wants Children

Posted by Adam

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

KRISTEN Stewart can’t wait to have children.

The actress — who recently rekindled her relationship with boyfriend Robert Pattinson after they split following claims she cheated with married director Rupert Sanders — doesn’t want to become a mother anytime soon, but is looking forward to that stage of her life.

“I can’t wait to be a mom, but like no. I can wait,” she said.

“I think that it might be something that you’re born with or not born with. Some people have really, really strong natural instincts and desires to be a mom.”

Stewart recently admitted she fears someone will log on to a social networking site to find out her location, then travel to where she is and murder her.

“Nowadays it’s harder because everyone is on Facebook and everyone knows where you are all the time, and everyone’s twittering,” she said.

“Like I’m going to die because somebody is going to say where I am and somebody is going to kill me. Someone’s going to twitter my location and then it’s going to be like, boom”


Wayne Rooney Shares Family Pic On Facebook

The Rooneys in London!

Football star Wayne Rooney recently posted the above family snapshot of his expecting wife Coleen and the couple’s nearly 3-year-old son Kai on his Facebook picture, writing: “Had a nice day out in London on Saturday with my family.”

The couple – who are expecting their second child in May – smiled for the photographer as little Kai – in classic toddler style – looked elsewhere.

It seems Coleen wants a large family.

“I’d like to have maybe three or four children,” she revealed last year. “I’d be happy to be a full-time mum.”

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