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666 Park Avenue‘s Vanessa Williams, Terry O’Quinn Reveal Their Own Nightmare Apartment Stories

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On 666 Park Avenue, which premieres tonight on ABC, Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams play a pair of Manhattan landlords who seem to have some shady dealings with their tenants — which may or may not involve buying up their souls for the man downstairs. TransformersRachael Taylor and Brothers Sisters alum Dave Annable are the fresh-faced young couple hired to be the place’s live-in property managers. When we caught up with the cast at Comic-Con over the summer, VH1 Celebrity wondered if they had their own nightmare apartment tales to share. Well, of course they did.

“Actors, unless they’re blessed from the get-go, can live in some pretty bad places,” O’Quinn said. The Lost star immediately recalled an apartment that “was in New York, over on 49th Street, somewhere between 7th and 8th. It was probably a 10 foot by 12 foot room. And I had a hot plate. If I wanted to wash anything, I did it in the bathtub, so you took greasy baths sometimes.”

Williams’ college apartment in Syracuse sounds worthy of its own TV show. “I had a couple of bizarre, unexplained incidents that happened with plants that started swinging when no windows were open,” she told us. “Things that were hung on the wall and start going back and forth in, literally, a corner when every window was closed and no radiators were going. We definitely felt that there was a presence of some kind there.”

Dave Annable’s rough living situation came just before he got his big break. “After I did a show called Reunion and before Brothers Sisters, I was living in some lady’s garage for a little bit. I ended up being there for like three months. I had an X-Box and a couch, that’s basically all I had in there.”

And Aussie actress Taylor’s sounds like a place we’d sell our souls to get out of. “When I was a struggling, struggling actor back in Australia, I lived in a house with three bedrooms that had seven tenants in it … and some rats. It was like bad times. One bathroom, seven girls, rats — it wasn’t great.”

Compared to that, a few run-ins with ghosts and homicidal elevators sounds peachy, right?

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