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Everyone’s Mad Over This Picture of Jessica Simpson’s Baby

A photo of Maxwell Drew Johnson

Mad because they’re so jealous!

But no, people are mad because Jessica Simpson showed everyone a picture of her painfully adorable little baby wearing a bikini when she made her appearance on Katie Couric’s new show. I guess because’s it’s bad or something:

Claude Knights, the director of Kidscape, said yesterday: “It is very disturbing to see a young baby presented to the world wearing a bikini. Celebrity choices carry great influence, as can be seen by the manner in which their accessories and behaviours are copied widely. It is to be hoped that parents will understand that ‘baby bikinis’ are totally inappropriate, and that they contribute to the sexualization and commercialization of childhood. We should not be compromising the sanctity of our children’s early years.”

Others condemned the bikini on Twitter after seeing it online. One wrote: “Jessica Simpson posts a photo of her 4-month-old baby in a BIKINI – wrong wrong wrong.”

Another added: “A baby in a bikini?! Dear God, some people are just wrong!”

A third wrote: “I just saw the most ridiculously posed photo of Jessica Simpson’s baby in a bikini. Just awful. Poor poppet.”

So wait, did I have a particularly scandalous childhood, or are people just freaking out over nothing? Because I’m pretty sure I remember my cousins and my friends and maybe even myself wearing bikinis when we were very young. And come to think of it, my mom does have photos of me and my siblings in diapers. Like, in just diapers. There are even some pictures of us taking baths. And you know what you wear when you take a bath. Nothing. Was that wrong? Or would it just be wrong if my mom had shown lots more people the photos?