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Jersey Shore’s Vinny Gets Put On Blast For Rape Rap Lyrics

Looks like the combination of menthol smoke, bronzer particles and the incessant quacking of that duck phone has finally started to dissolve Vinny’s brain. How else can you explain why the Jersey Shore star included a reference to rape in his new rap song “Vinny Rack City Mix”? Posted earlier today to YouTube, the song lyric in question reads, “Actin’ like I’m raping it/F–k her ’til she fakin’ it.” Was Vinny just staring at his computer screen at 3:00am, thinking, “Hmm, what’s the only thing that can make this song even more horrifying to the human ear? Give it a terrible name? No, that’s not it. Oh, I’ve got it! Rape!” At least he admits the probable likelihood that a woman would have to fake it with him. Meanwhile, we can’t even.

The Shore star has since yanked the video off YouTube, and posted to Twitter about the backlash. “Whoa! Some people really know how to take things out of context ! #LearnToListenToMusic …It was fun though!,” he tweeted. We would love to know what “context” would make that line appropriate, Vinny. Actually, no, we wouldn’t! We would never want to know that. We would give anything to never, ever know.

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Blake Lively is an Art Collector

Posted by Adam

BLAKE Lively loves collecting art.

The Gossip Girl star has been a huge fan of paintings ever since her brother Eric encouraged her to start her own collection and revealed she now always buys new art when she is away on location filming.

“My brother Eric thought it was important for me to collect art and have an awareness of it at a young age. He took me to an exhibit by Sage Vaughn at a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles and bought me my first piece. That experience ignited a hunger to see more art and collect it however I could,” she said.

“I always try to buy things when I travel as a reminder of the trip and time spent in a city. When I was working in New Orleans for four months, I bought a chair and a painting of Audrey Hepburn by local artist Sarah Ashley Longshore.”

While Blake’s collection is varied, she admits she is drawn to a certain type of art.

“I’ve found that I’m often drawn to pieces that portray a childish imagination with a malevolent undertone, like the moment on the boat in Willy Wonka when all the fantasy turns on itself into the unexpected,” she said.

“In every piece I own there is a sense of celebration, whether in image, context, or shade.”


Courtney Love Acts As Lilo’s Sobriety Coach “Because Nobody Else Will”

Say what you want about Courtney Love (Lord knows we have!), but the woman calls it like she sees it. Granted, she might be seeing it through a milky haze with her bosoms falling out of her top at the Hugo premiere after party, but still! “[She’s] further down the line than I was,” Love allegedly tells Details about Lindsay Lohan’s substance abuse issues, explaining that she’s acting as Lindsay’s sobriety coach, “because nobody else will.” Wow. Huh. Well, can’t argue with the facts, we guess!

Courtney has talked before about her role as “junkie Auntie Mame” for Lohan, telling addiction and recovery issues website The Fix how she advised Lilo following one of her several arrests, even talking phone calls from Michael Lohan. Says Courtney, “I went up to Lindsay’s room one time and there was a show on called 101 Celebrity Oops and I am like every other one, you know — boobs out, legs everywhere, throwing s–t at Madonna, you know whatever. I’m like ‘Lindsay, look! Drugs are bad!” Wow, this whole relationship sounds like a real-life episode of Scared Straight! Except with way more exposed areolae.

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